Twitter Raffle Picker 

Make your Twitter raffles easier, simpler and faster.

No credentials, or access tokens, or Tweet data, is ever saved by this little app. Everything is only used while you are here, then discarded.

NOTE:This first version is fairly limited, as we don't store ANY information about you (Checkout the Privacy Policy), but there is another version in the works that is FAR more featureful!

Ready to get started? Hit LOGIN at the top right to authenticate with your Twitter credentials!

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How Simple is it?

Its as simple as one two and three!

Sign into Twitter

No account setup here, all you need to do is sign in with twitter and off you go!

Choose your raffle tweet

We fetch all your recent tweets and then all you need to do is select the raffle tweet.

A winner is chosen!

Once your tweet is selected we choose a winner who has met all your criteria!

Current Limitations 

Twitter API limits the number of retweets that can be returned at present on a tweet to 30. This is ... not ideal.

The twitter public API actually massively breaks when you try and add any query with "Like" on the tweet - this is because you have to query the entirety of Twitter for the tweet being liked .. which takes ages and causes time outs :/ Because of this, I am going to have to hide this option for now.

The rate limits on the public API are horrifically low ... and you will most probably hit them because we do not store credentials, so we can not cache data and wait until the timer expires to get more data ... so unless you are really doing a simple raffle you might need to wait until the platform below is built as this will avoid the rate limits ...

These limits are clearly not helpful for the functionality of this app, but thankfully there is a functional way around this but this will be significantly different, and will need the raffle owner to do some pre-setup as we will need to "watch" the tweet live to capture who re-tweets and interacts. I have spoke to Twitter about ways around this, and even mocked up using their own API (which breaches their terms, but ssh, and they are stubborn about any changes to the general public API as they don't want abuse).